Summer Gathering 2012 Presents...

Summer Gathering 2012 Presents...
ExperiEssencE (9th-12th Aug)

Friday, 24 February 2012

Gaunts House Summer Gathering 2012 Presents...ExperiEssencE

“Experience beyond belief”
The Summer Gathering at Gaunts House has now been running for over twenty years (this year is our 22nd) and is recognised as providing a friendly, festival atmosphere where quality workshops, therapies, speakers and inspirational music and a variety of other consciousness expanding experiences are readily found.
This year it will take place from Thursday 9th to Sunday 12th August. ExperiEssence 2012 is designed to provide all comers with an environment which encourages a deeper more sacred experience. That’s why we are going vegetarian this year as well as having a ‘dry bar’ – in that way directly supporting a conscious aware space designed to be full of deepening experiences, fun and laughter.
In a move away from commercialism and material gain, we are inviting other charities so that they too may directly benefit from the gathering. For example, the Buddhafield CafĂ©, which is part of the Buddhafield community, will be providing the majority  of our catering this year.
Perhaps the most positive change we can make within ourselves (and naturally integrate back into the world around us) is to move closer to the truth of our authenticity, to journey towards essence. ExperiEssence 2012 is here to provide a loving and caring environment which is challenging and inspirational, conscious and uplifting – something which sets us apart from the typical ‘bandwagon’ of summer festivals.
This year we are attempting to share what Gaunts House is all about – why we’re here and what we do - to provide everyone with a window for their own profound learning. This sense of change comes directly from the resident community and Heartbeat – volunteers who work together to make this wonderful opportunity an actual reality.
2012 is a time of change. What is awakening in the world is nothing new. It has always been and will always be. The one difference is that people are awakening to the essential oneness of all things in such numbers that conscious evolution is gathering pace.
This is not one person’s realisation but a mass movement arising from consciousness itself. It is no longer confined to specific individuals but has become a worldwide deepening. There is no founder or single point from which this arises for it is a matter of consciousness itself. There is no one Buddha Christ Prophet Messiah, simply ever increasing numbers with a deepening awareness of unveiling the consciousness we-really-are.
If we do not make the necessary changes to evolve, we will likely become the next dinosaurs. We have an immediate and pressing choice - to cling on to the ‘old’ or to let go and merge with the infinite depths of who-we-really-are. This is the route to freedom; to have the courage and certitude to transcend our dependence on ego.
What do you choose?
Now is the time to experience beyond belief.
WE NOW HAVE A NEW WEBSITE FOR THE GATHERING WHICH WILL BE REPLACING THIS BLOG SITE. Please check it out for up to date information on this years' Gathering:

Monday, 11 July 2011


Hello everyone. This page is not the total of all posts about the Gathering. There has also been info. written up on many more Workshops, Musicians, Entertainments, volunteering and more. To see these older blog posts, please click on 'Older Posts' at the bottom of the page. Or, see 'Blog Archive' at the bottom right, under the photos.

Julian Daizan Skinner
Julian Daizan Skinner is the first Englishman to go to Japan and become a Roshi or Zen Master in the rigorous Rinzai tradition of Zen. About twenty years ago, he gave up a promising career as a scientist in the pharmaceuticals industry, sold his house, gave all the money away and entered a Zen monastery. Over many years of strict training, in Japan and the west, Daizan Roshi received Dharma Transmission in both the Rinzai and Soto lineages of Zen and received inka and permission to teach from Shinzan Miyamae Roshi , with whom he continues to study.

Tim Freke
Tim has an honours degree in philosophy and is an internationally respected authority on world spirituality. He is the author of over thirty books that have established his reputation as a scholar and free-thinker.
He is perhaps best known for his groundbreaking work on Christian Gnosticism with his close friend Peter Gandy, including The Jesus Mysteries, which was a top 10 best-seller in the UK and USA, and a ‘Book of the Year’ in the UK Daily Telegraph. In recent years he has articulated his own ‘lucid philosophy’ in The Laughing Jesus, Lucid Living, and How Long is Now? 
He is often featured in documentary films and chat shows broadcast by the global media, such as the BBC and the History Channel. Tim is the founder of The Alliance for Lucid Living, (The ALL), an organization dedicated to our collective awakening. He lives with his wife Debbie and their two children in Glastonbury, England

 Jo Berry 
Jo has been on a long journey since her father, Sir Anthony Berry MP, was killed by the IRA in the bombing of the 1984 Tory Party conference in Brighton Sussex.
The following is an excerpt from Jo’s official website:
“In the days after the bomb I wanted to somehow bring something positive out of the tragedy and began a journey of healing. The last 25 years have been full of learnings and remarkable experiences.
In November 2000 I met Pat Magee, the man responsible for planting the bomb and we have now become friends. For me, the question is about whether I can let go of my need to blame, and open my heart enough to hear Pat's story and understand his motivations. The truth is that, sometimes I can and sometimes I can’t and this choice is always there.
I wanted to meet Pat, to hear his story and see him as a real human being. At our first meeting I was terrified but as soon as we met we talked with an extraordinary intensity. I shared a lot about my father, while Pat told me some of his story. I realised half way through that first meeting that I was at the beginning of another journey.
I still have feelings that are painful. I still get angry but I have learnt that these feelings can be transformed into passion for change. My passion for change starts with me wanting to stop the cycle of violence and revenge in me and has grown into helping create a world in which violence is not seen as a viable way of resolving conflict.
My commitment is to see the humanity in everyone. Building Bridges for Peace is now an umbrella for all the work that I do to participate in creating a peaceful world.”

Tim ‘Mac’ McCartney
From working as a gardener in a management training centre, Tim MaCartney went on to become Head of Consultancy there within three years, and then started a ‘people and organisation development’ company, working with the leaders of multinationals. His inspirational approach to leadership development resulted in him being given Embercombe, a 50-acre Devonshire smallholding, by an appreciative client to develop his vision: a social enterprise which seeks ‘to inspire committed action for a truly sustainable world’.


Becky Hanscombe - Trance Dance

Beckie Hanscombe is the founder of the Ecstatic Empowerment System™ and facilitates regular events, workshops and retreats here and in Europe.
Beckie is passionate about empowering people who would not normally have access to life transforming tools. Her aim is to bring a “practical Spirituality” into the mainstream.

She has over 14 years experience of holding sacred space. A long term student and teacher of Mind Body energy systems including, Ecstatic Dance, Shamanism, yoga, meditation and Qi Gong, she weaves together her knowledge to create events and workshops that are a fast-track to transformation.

Andrea Harrn - Love Workshop 
Andrea works as a counsellor, psychotherapist, clinical hypnotherapist and Reiki practitioner in East London. She is an intuitive healer, naturally using energies creatively and sensitively for the highest good.  Accredited member of BACP and UKRCP, FDAP and UKRF. For the past 3 years Andrea has run self-development retreats in Glastonbury and now looks forward to sharing her workshops at Gaunts House.

Aspects of Love Workshop
Love means many things to many people.  Some say its an emotion, a feeling, others would say affection or attachment.  Is it a virtue or an act of human kindness, compassion – or perhaps more than that it is the basis for all being – and can be thought of in terms of divine love, eternal Oneness, god in whatever form you know and believe.  You can love many things – like a Chinese meal or a film or a person – it can be romantic, sexual, fulfilling or painful – parental, romantic, platonic or familial.   You can feel love from many sources, people, nature, environment, art, music.  Love can be an intense feeling but can also be a feeling of calm within.

This workshop is an opportunity to think about what love means and has meant to you.  We are going to work together to define love and then think about how we can personally take love forward in a positive way.

Will include a meditation and intention on love.

Sangeeta Chohan  - Pranayama      
During a life crisis in 2005, Pranayama found me and provided the ‘key’ to a positive mindset and triggered a thirst for greater understanding of the mind and body balance that can be achieved through meditation.  The technique proved so powerful that I decided to go to India and study under the guidance of Swami Ramdevji in order to teach Pranayama in the UK.
Experiencing Kundalini Yoga has further enhanced my understanding of Pranic energy and my acceptance of my reality as a soul in a human body.  Studying level 2 currently, has been a deeper experience of spiritual upliftment and connection.
My passion is to bring yoga back to its true form.  Yoga is a lifestyle, as explained in the ancient yoga sutras, an inward journey of remembering our unlimited greatness.  As we change our consciousness and become personally empowered, we transform and heal the world.
Opening up to LOVE - Pranayama and Mantra Meditation 6– 7:30am
Breath is .....  life
Pranayama,  the science of breath control, is an ancient technique, defined as one of the eight limbs of yoga five thousand  years ago by the Indian Sage Patanjali.  Through a series of breath exercises, working deeply at cellular level, we detoxify and then re-energise the whole body with cosmic prana.  We then move the pranic energy from the base chakra to the third eye and use naad or sound healing, to slow the mind and tune into the neutral or peace channel.  This deepening meditation experience can open new doors for your wisdom and self healing. 
Transform yourself in the magic of the early morning with Pranayama and experience your sacred breath, your greatest teacher.  Open the heart space and unleash the universal current of love to heal ourselves, our loved ones and Mother Earth.
We complete the healing effects  with a beautiful ‘Ra Ma Da Sa’ Mantra Meditation to stay with you throughout your day.  

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Gabriella is a peace-troubadour and sound –weaver, who co-creates sound, songs, music and vibrational healing in partnership with the nature-spirits, devas and angelic helpers to co-create and weave the strands of wholeness into the fabric of reality. She has developed her own sound vibrational healing modality that directly addresses the subtle energetic, emotional and astral bodies. She has travelled The Americas and Europe giving workshops, concerts and one-to-one healing session, following invitations to bring the healing sounds and awareness to different parts of the planet. 
Workshop 1: tuning ourselves through our instrument, the voice  
We will use the sound of our voices with alignment and intention to tune ourselves as instruments
In this workshop we learn some principles of sound-healing getting to know the voice as our main tool of healing and transformation We work with our voices to explore our own inner space and be the instruments to be sung by creation.
Workshop 2: connecting with the nature spirits
We will hear about the nature spirits and practice our awareness and perception to connect and open the possibility of co-creative partnership with the manifold intelligence of nature.
Workshop 3: Morning Sound Meditation –( together with Heather Cowen)
Attunement through sound with the day, the land, this time on earth and the cosmos.

Soul Retrieval for Houses
and the 
Harmonic Codes of Energy Shields with Christian Kyriacou
Christian Violaris Kyriacou RIBA MCSD Dip BM is an Architect, House Whisperer, Philosopher, Writer, Telepath, Architectural & Environmental Psychologist, Interior Designer, Film-maker, Composer, Musician, Feng Shui - Vastu and Geomancy Consultant. Christian works with the Harmonics of Spatial Energy - the Music of Buildings, and has helped to substantially change and transform peoples spaces and lives. He is an international inspirational speaker. His knowledge and inspiration comes from over 40 years in the fields of Music, Oriental Philosophies, Meditation, Sanskrit, Sacred Sound, Harmonic Resonance, Sacred Geometry, Sacred Architecture, Geomancy, Vastu, Feng Shui and English law.
A Harmonic Code Energy Imprint is embedded into the soul of a building at conception, giving it a unique Ki Signature. 

The Soul fragments of both people and the buildings leave coded imprints in the energy matrix of space. Events are recorded in the cellular structure of physical materials and in the etheric energy matrix. Thus dreams and emotions are left lingering in the akashic record of the building and overlaid on the original Soul Code. These fragments can span lifetimes owing to a multitude of emotions which distort the unity consciousness. 

I will guide you through a visualization journey of your own home. It may take you through Psychic and Paranormal happenings, memories of your life patterns and all those of the previous occupants. There will be the opportunity to see what may be blocking your personal energy, as reflected in your home, and the choice of changing and re-aligning your inner and outer space.

Leo Rutherford - shaman
will be running workshops with Dawn Russell and Lorraine Grayston.  Leo is a renowned shaman, teacher and pioneer of shamanism in the West. He was one of the first people to bring the teachings of shamanism to the UK and founded the Eagle's Wing Centre for Contemporary Shamanism (Now 'College of Shamanic Medicine') in 1987.  He has published five books including ‘The View through the Medicine Wheel’ (O-Books 2008), ‘Shamanic Path Workbook’ (Arima Pubs, 2006) and ‘Principles of shamanism’ (Harper Collins 1996)
How to co-create your reality and bring your dreams to fruition

THE ENCHANTRESS - THE LOST GODDESS.      (A workshop for Women)
With Dawn Russell and Lorraine Grayston
So often in the mythology that we are offered today, the model for womanhood is Maiden, Mother and Crone. We are missing the Enchantress, an archetype of womanhood that is mature, sensual, wise and very much “in” life. She guides us whatever age we are and offers us a mature approach in times of great change.
Come and meet the Enchantress within you


Come and dance, laugh, play, improvise, create, open your voice, celebrate existence and let it all hang out! 

With Dawn Russell and Lorraine Grayston
Working with the Drum we invite you to come and met your spirit allies in the form of “Power” Animals and Guides to help you find practical information to help and guide your Earth walk. This workshop is both for beginners and for those who wish to deepen their connection to their Allies.

With Leo Rutherford, Dawn Russell, Lorraine Grayston.
Using shamanic journeying to see into the probable near future as we move towards the breakdown of one world and the birthing of another.

With Peter Knight - Dowser & shamanic Drummer
Peter is a dowser, shamanic drummer, and author of six books about ley lines and sacred sites.
A practical workshop by earth mysteries author and sacred sites guide Peter Knight. Introduction to dowsing and ley lines theory, then practical dowsing around the labyrinth and Star Henge.